Spirographic Art

After some messing around with inkscape while trying to make parts for kinetic art, I fell in love with the spirograph tool.

It’s really easy to make extremely complex geometric shapes with it! A few of my initial shapes are here. All of these were created by simply copy/pasting the same shape in different orientations! I really like how some of them look like complex knots; I think that playing with filling the patterns in could lead to some visually interesting designs.

By taking the same pattern and rotating/scaling it, I was able to make a handful of patterns with extremely complex-looking behavior. They can be found here. Several of them exhibit moire-type effects due to the high density of lines, especially near the centers.

I liked some of these patterns so much that I decided to go ahead and laser etch them into acrylic.


A preview of the next step!


~ by asymptoticdesign on 19 June, 2011.

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