I finally have some pictures and video of my sand art installation. I decided to call it ‘Sandtrap’ because it’s totally a hippie trap [Thanks to Kate for that!].


Thanks to Kirsten for the photo!

I really loved looking at all of the art that was produced by this piece; there were so many talented individuals drawing in it!

And here’s a video I took of people enjoying it at Firefly:


Details on the construction:

It’s made of 4 3/4″ plywood sheets that make up the walls. At the inside of each corner is a 2’x4′ segment that acts to square up the corner and as a shelf for the plastic top. The top is a sheet of 1/4″ high-density polyethylene sheet — I chose this over polycarbonate because its milky white rather than transparent, and the opacity really helps diffuse the light so it lights up the entire table. The lighting is a 50W color kinetics colorblast running off of a deep cycle marine battery.


~ by asymptoticdesign on 13 July, 2011.

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