Wandering Cricket Night Market

A bit more than a week ago, about a half-dozen trucks converged in Boston to hold a spontaneous street fair full of participatory art, games, and activities. This is the Wandering Cricket Night Market.

Three times a year, an announcement is made about a week in advance of the event. There is no public announcement; it is spread from the ‘proprietors’ [who run box trucks for the greater awesome] to their friends, and to their friends, and so on. Interested parties RSVP, and a mere hours before the event, the location is announced to the public.

Past events have included trucks filled with food [sometimes of the participatory nature], vikings [with food], black and white drive-in commercials [this was my project last night market], blacklight lounges, and a variety of other activities.

For this event, Rachel Boyce and I collaborated to bring our Chromodynamics project to the Wandering Cricket Night Market. We got a box truck, covered a wall with heavy drafting paper, got a couple of gallons of tempera paint, and a whole mess of 12VDC batteries to drive some LED lighting off of.

The result is encapsuled in the following video:

Wandering Cricket Night Market

A HUGE amount of credit goes to Rachel for both taking footage and editing the video into something presentable with some awesome music.


~ by asymptoticdesign on 25 October, 2011.

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