Programmable RGB LED Tape

I was recently introduced to LED Tape by Dana Moser, an instructor at MassArt that I met at OccupyBoston. I had heard of flexible LED tape a year or so ago, but it was prohibitively expensive for me to play with. But now it’s ridiculously cheap — Adafruit Industries sells RGB Tape [the entire string is a single color but controllable] for $16/meter and digitally addressable [you can control every 2 LEDs on the strong] for $35/meter. Awesome!

So I decided to buy some of this stuff and test it out. Rachel and I simply followed the tutorial on how to setup the tape with an arduino, and we were in business!

Arduino circuit -- isn't it simple?

This stuff is RIDICULOUSLY bright for the size and price. We took a video of the tape, linked below:

Programmable RGB LED Tape

There’s a shot of the ceiling of my office to give you an idea of how much light these strip produces — a few strings are easily enough to light up a room comfortably.

These lights are perfect for the Chromodynamics Project that Rachel and I are working on — they’re programmable using open-source hardware/software (unlike ColorKinetics), and it’s way cheaper and brighter than ColorKinetic’s Cove brand of products (which I had been previously using due to their availability).


~ by asymptoticdesign on 4 November, 2011.

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