Luminous Flux

A few months ago I was invited to put some of my work up in the Wiesner Student Art Gallery at MIT. I jumped at the opportunity to get some of my work up in a public gallery (even if it’s ‘only’ the student art gallery at MIT) and was hard at work the last few weeks getting stuff ready (my work in processing was also meant to be used in the student art gallery). The result was ‘Luminous Flux’, named after a unit that measures the perceived power of light.

Luminous Flux

The exhibit consists of Sandtrap (which can be found in earlier blog posts or under ‘interactive installation’) and Processing in Digito, which is the name for my laser-etched photographs, lit up with led lighting. Pictures will be coming soon — until then, you should come and check out the exhibit firsthand at MIT!


~ by asymptoticdesign on 20 January, 2012.

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