Doodles in Processing

I’m teaching a class on Processing at CEMMI (the Collaborative Electronic Mixed Media Institute) this month, which has led to me doodling in processing much more than usual!

The class I’m teaching is focused on teaching how to make generative and visual art in Processing; the class starts with basic concepts in programming (like control flow) and Processing (like colors and primitive shapes), gradually adding concepts like randomness and complexity to really make Processing shine. The current notes (and lots of programming exercises!) for my class are available in their own github repo. I’ll be adding materials there for the next two weeks until the class is over; by then the entire course should be available online!

And now its time to show some neat processing sketches I’ve been working on! This first one was inspired by the work of Rachel Boyce, who did a really neat sketch utilizing overlapping spirals. I was so impressed with her work that I decided to modify it myself! I called this piece ‘Moire Spiral’ because the overlapping lines give yet another moire-type pattern (you can tell that I am an enormous fan of these patterns!).

Moire Spiral on

The next piece is called ‘Search Light’, because it is reminiscent of a searchlight searching for something in the night. It was actually generated from code that was meant to make a ball travel in a circle; I next made the ball move in a circle modulated by Perlin noise, and then finally drew a line from the origin (top-left corner) to the ball. If you look closely at the tip of the ‘searchlight’ you’ll notice that its still moving in approximately a circle!
Search Light on

This last one was a further modification of ‘Search Light’; instead of having one point fixed at the origin, I had both points of the lines moving in overlapping circled overlapped by noise. I really like the aesthetic effect here — it almost looks as if there is a long ribbon turning and rippling through space. Check it out!
Search Ribbons on

I’m hoping to write more about my microscope this weekend; it’s coming along quite well and now it’s a full-fledged fluorescence microscope! Hopefully I’ll get some sweet pictures of the images it can turn out in addition to some more schematics.


~ by asymptoticdesign on 16 March, 2012.

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